At brantsandpatents we speak your language. No nonsense, no ivory tower: with knowledge of the matter and your business, our straightforward approach ensures that you are advised in the best possible way.

Since 2011, brantsandpatents has been the 'go-to' office for companies that require solid and strategic advice on intellectual property (IP). With a contemporary and dynamic approach, brantsandpatents integrates a customized IP strategy that takes into account the needs and the DNA of your company and your market. We value you as our client.

Thanks to brantsandpatents your IP strategy will not remain a dead letter. Together with you, we ensure that your intellectual property is converted into a valuable tool within your company. brantsandpatents knows better than anyone how to create value based on your IP rights. Your IP investments are carefully considered in order to maximize their return. IP as a real business tool, that's what it's all about for us.

The brantsandpatents team is a multidisciplinary team of passionate professionals with a scientific and legal background. Whether you are looking for a good protection strategy for your new innovation, or you are looking for advice on the position of your competitors, our team strives to provide you with the right information at all times in a fast and efficient way with maximum transparency. Our team will go the extra mile.

Because we know: protection matters.

From IAM patents 1000:

Representing a diverse clientele across a broad range of technologies, dynamic prosecution shop Brantsandpatents continues to thrive. Deep relationships with patrons have given it a nuanced understanding of their businesses, which is reflected in its output. “Clients are evidently really satisfied with the firm’s work and are often moving there from competitors,” confide peers.

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