Wouter Buysse

Patent Adviser

Wouter Buysse is Patent Adviser. He obtained a Master in Engineering in Chemical Technology at Ghent University. In his thesis, he modelled the transformation of bioethanol into ethylene in zeolites.

Wouter’s activities at brantsandpatents include drafting patent applications and handling grant procedures, as well as advising clients on patentability, freedom to operate and infringement. He also has an extensive experience in European and global (PCT) patent proceedings.

His field of work is in chemistry, in particular industrial petrochemistry, polymers and polymerisation techniques, the use of catalysts, and process and control technology. He also has knowledge of general engineering, the food and food products industry, pharmacy and physics.

Wouter is fluent in Dutch and English, has a good knowledge of French and a basic command of German and Swedish.

Email: wouter.buysse@brantsandpatents.com

Octrooien Wouter Buysse

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