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To encourage innovative companies, the Belgian government has introduced the Belgian Patent Box, also known as Innovation Income Deduction (IID). The innovation deduction results in a reduced tax burden for innovative companies in Belgium. Corporate tax on profits from own innovations is reduced by up to 85%.

The innovation deduction applies to patent applications from filing, breeders’ rights and innovative software. The amount of the innovation deduction depends on the amount of innovative products and services in your company. The more innovative your company is, the greater the innovation deduction will be.

brantsandpatents can help you make an inventory of your innovations by mapping out the current and future activities of your company. After this we will examine which innovations can be protected within your company and how you can optimally enjoy the tax benefits.

In cooperation with the tax adviser, brantsandpatents have already successfully assisted more than 100 companies in the application of the innovation deduction. You can find out more about the regulations and obtaining innovation tax relief at

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