Friede Coudron

IP legal counsel

Friede Coudron is a lawyer (LL.M. Leuven, 2003), a BMM Recognized Trademark Attorney® and, since 2009, also a recognized EU Trademark and Design Attorney. In 2004, she started her professional career at KOB NV (Kortrijks Octrooi en Merkenbureau) as a trademark and design attorney, after which she switched to Declercq & Partners in 2014 to further expand her knowledge in the same position.

In 2017, Friede moved to the legal department of a large accountancy firm, which opened up her field of work to other legal branches, including company law, tax law, etc. In 2017, she followed a training as a DPO (Data Protection Officer) at the DP Institute in Hasselt. For the next 3 years she would divide her time between providing advice on intellectual property rights and GDPR compliance to dozens of companies. In addition to all this,

Friede has been a guest lecturer in intellectual property law to students of legal practice at Vives since the 2018-2019 school year (semester). In January 2020, Friede became an independent consultant on intellectual property rights and GDPR compliance for SMEs.

In May 2023, Friede joined forces with brantsandpatents.

In her daily activities, Friede is an expert who provides counsel to small, medium, and large corporations on how to safeguard their intellectual property, including brands, designs, domain names and copyrights, domestically and abroad. She oversees the entire process, from researching availability to filings and renewals. Additionally, she initiates, conducts, and handles opposition and other cancellation procedures and drafts agreements, such as coexistence, license, and nondisclosure agreements, to resolve disputes. To stay current on GDPR jurisprudence, Friede attends training courses on information security regularly.

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