What does the protection of a trademark entail?

As soon as a trademark is effectively registered, the trademark is the property of the applicant. It then belongs to the intangible assets of the company and thus represents a value in your company.

It is important that the protection applies to the products and services claimed in the registration.

The owner also has the following rights:

they may sell or license the trademark and thus earn revenue;

  • they may oppose counterfeiting;
  • they may oppose parallel imports from outside the European Union;
  • they may oppose the use and registration of identical or similar trademarks used or registered for identical or similar products; the similarity between the trademarks will be assessed from a phonetic, visual and conceptual point of view;
  • in addition, where their trademark has acquired a reputation, they may, in certain circumstances, also oppose very similar trademarks for dissimilar products.

Please note: the government will not intervene ex officio in conflicts between parties. The trademark owner must therefore take and finance the necessary steps themselves to assert their rights.

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