Is it obligatory to use a registered trademark?

In order to maintain your trademark rights, you will of course have to renew your registration.

It is also important that you keep using the trademark to maintain your rights. A third party may claim the revocation of your rights if you have not used your trademark in the 5 years following registration or if you have not genuinely used the trademark during an uninterrupted period of 5 years. In many countries that term can even be shorter (e.g. 3 years in China). The use must therefore be sufficiently extensive.

This also means that you must use the trademark as registered. If you have registered your logo and after a few years you change your logo considerably, a new registration will be recommended to avoid that the registration of your old logo can be cancelled due to non-use.

brantsandpatents recommends that you keep careful records of evidence of use of your trademark in all countries in which you operate, and from the very first use.

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