Domain names

Domain names are distinguishing features for your website and are basically composed of the actual domain name (e.g. your brand or trade name) and a so-called top level domain name (TLD), i.e. extensions such as .be, .com, .eu, etc.

Since domain names are important for the visibility of your business on the internet, a domain name can be very valuable.

Companies often choose their trade name, brand name(s) or certain obvious names (e.g. generic terms) as a domain name to enable internet users to find their website as easily as possible.

Choosing the right domain name and the TLD is important and should already be taken into consideration when starting a new company or creating a new brand.

brantsandpatents can assist you in analysing which domain names you should request and where. We can also investigate the availability of your domain names and take care of and manage your domain name registrations.

Because of the link with trademarks and trade names and the importance of domain names, conflicts often occur. It happens quite often that parties deliberately register trade names or trademarks of another company in order to offer these for sale to that company at exorbitant prices or to damage a competitor’s business.

To reclaim such domain names, you can rely on brantsandpatents to conduct negotiations – anonymously if you wish – or to institute arbitration proceedings.

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