Registration of your trademark

In most countries, registration of a trademark is a necessary condition to obtain protection. Even in those countries where use is sufficient to create rights, registration is highly recommended as registration is a proof of ownership that very clearly defines your trademark rights for a specific territory.

Registering your trademark is primarily to protect your marketing and communication investments and the growing value of your trademark. A trademark registration is a kind of ‘insurance’ so that you can continue to use your trademark in the future or possibly start using it in countries or regions where you want to become active.

Registration helps you avoid the issue of having someone else establish an opposing right to a similar name, on the grounds of which this party could subsequently block you if you actively promote your product in that country/territory (so-called trademark squatting practices).

Finally, with a trademark registration you can - of course - also oppose any third parties that abuse your trademark or otherwise infringe on your trademark rights.

There is no global registration system and usually registration is done country by country. There are important exceptions to this, such as the Beneluxtrademark, the EUtrademark or international registration according to the Madrid system.

Registration amounts to more than just submitting a form, as it determines the extent to which your trademark will be protected. Are you registering a brand name or a logo, in colour or black & white, for a wide range of products/services or not? Where should you register your trademark and via which system? brantsandpatents can help you make the right strategic and practical choices.

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