Kris Keymolen

IP legal counsel

Kris Keymolen is a lawyer and Benelux and EU Trademark and Design attorney. She passed the professional exam of the Benelux Association of Trademarks and Design Attorneys and became BMM Certified Trademark Attorney in 1995.

Kris graduated from the University of Louvain and Poitiers and specialized in intellectual property at the highly qualified University of Strasbourg (C.E.I.P.I).

Passionate about intellectual property, Kris Keymolen worked for many years with major players in this field in Paris and Brussels and headed the design and trademark department of an important Belgian Intellectual Property agency. After she had gained a wealth of experience, she decided to set up her own trademark and design firm. Keymarks was established in 2009 and its client portfolio has steadily grown since.

An active coordinator of the Benelux professional association BMM and a member of the European organisation ECTA, Kris is a respected professional in her field.

In January 2024, Keymarks joined forces with Brantsandpatents. Kris is responsible for our Brussels office.

Seasoned in intellectual property law, Kris offers in-depth expertise in registration, conflict management, consultancy, portfolio audit and drafting IP related agreements (such as assignments and license agreements, confidentiality and coexistence agreements). Kris is also a much sought-after court expert.

Kris is fluent in Dutch, French and English and has fair notions of German and Italian.


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