What is a trademark

A trademark is any sign that distinguishes the products or services of one company from those of other companies. Not only names can be a trademark but also logos, packaging, layouts, shapes (e.g. the Coca-Cola® bottle) and combinations of these elements. Even sounds (e.g. the Nokia® tune) and colors can be trademarks.

The main requirement is that the public must perceive these signs as referring to the origin of the products/services and e.g. not just as mere decoration. The sign may not merely describe the product or service or its characteristics.

In addition, a trademark must of course be available and breach no rights of any third party. It is therefore very important that, at the earliest stage of the development of the trademark, it is examined whether the trademark in question, or similar marks, have not yet been registered in the countries in which you wish to market and register the trademark.

brantsandpatents can help you from the very start of your product and trademark development. Even when brainstorming about your new trademark, we work together with you and advise you on all the legal validity conditions. Based on our expertise, we can help you develop a strong trademark and carry out the appropriate investigations to ensure that your trademark can be registered and used without any problems.

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